Animal World USA is pleased to be presenting...

 Arizona Week for the Animals
~ The Animals Need You ~

Organize an event in your area. Contact us to organize one and for creative ideas/suggestions!

Special events will make Arizona Week for the Animals successful, enjoyable and educational for both adults and children. Every event held will help make a difference for the animals. Please send us your events once they are organized so we can start posting them as soon as possible. This is a wonderful way for animal lovers and advocates to organize and publicize their events.

                              Suggested Events and Activities

Pet Adoption Fairs and Adopt-a-thons in Your Area

These can be held at parks, shopping centers, pet supply stores, shelters and even your workplace! 

Walk-a-thons, Pet Parades, Bake Sales, Blessing of The Animals 

These activities can be organized by shelters, churches/places of worship, rescue groups, youth groups, or school children. Money raised could be used for shelter programs, rescue animals, or low-cost spay/neuter programs.

Promote Spay Neuter!

Consider helping a financially needy family get their pet fixed! 

Hundreds of dogs and cats could be altered, and the birth and death of thousands of unwanted pets prevented by this action.  

Be Proactive

Post information in your workplace or on your website about why spay and neuter saves lives. 

Promote "Adopt, Don't Shop" 

Plan an event to educate people about the behind-the-scenes cruelty of Puppy Mills.  Urge everyone to adopt, rather than buy, their next furry best friend.

Help A Chained Dog

Is there a lonely, chained dog in your neighborhood? You can help him!

Help educate neighbors, friends, family and co-workers about the cruelty of chaining a dog for life.   Find out what you can do to help-. Visit

Children's art and Literary Contests 

Grades K­12 can express their feelings for animals and compete for prizes. 

Winners can be announced in local and statewide newspapers and other media outlets with their work displayed at libraries, shopping malls and/or or animal shelters.

Help Feral Cats 

Find out what you can do to help those feral cats and kittens in your neighborhood.  Visit Alley Cat Allies: 

Humane Education Classes, Open Houses, and Events 

Invite school children and the general public to visit your animal shelter for special educational activities or an open house with a focus on adoption.

Farm Animals 

Find out ways to make sure that chickens, pigs, cows, and other farm animals are treated humanely. 

Bring Humane Education into the Classroom  

Visit humane education websites to locate animal welfare materials. Many of these materials are free or inexpensive. Teach our young people about a kinder world for the precious animals. 

Plan a Vegetarian or Vegan MeetUp

There you can meet other like-minded people who love animals and care about healthy humane eating. 

Library Displays, Humane Education Reading Racks, and Bulletin Boards 

 Students You Can Help! Students can help design classroom, school, and/or library displays with messages about spaying and neutering and responsible companion animal care. 

Youth Group Participation

Youth groups such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can plan or participate in fund raising activities or educational leafleting. Young people need to be involved in community service and this would be a wonderful opportunity. Kids can come up with fantastic ways of helping animals.

Statewide Publicity Campaign

Publicity will be needed to insure that the news gets to every corner of the state of Arizona. Please consider adding information about AZ Week for the Animals to your organization or group's newsletter and website. Help us reach everyone in Arizona! 

Other Ways Businesses Can Participate 

Organize an event at your business where you can promote your own business and help the animal kingdom all at the same time.  Set up a table, hand out literature, offer tastings and samples of animal-friendly food.

Volunteer for a local event at your shelter, sanctuary or zoo.  

Even spending an hour walking or cuddling with the shelter animals makes a big difference to them! And opening your home as a temporary foster home - for a few days or a few weeks -can Save a Life!

Promote the week 

Post flyers, email or call friends and include in your newsletters and correspondence.


Donate to your local organizations and community and help ensure the success of the week's events and bring awareness to the animals' plight.

Local  Shelters and Rescue Organizations on Petfinder:

Save a life 

Adopt your next pet from the animal shelter.


Build relationships with everyone including elected officials on behalf of the animals.

Become a Partner. 

Various partnerships are available.  Please contact us to discuss opportunities.

Write a letter.

Send a thank you note to your shelter or a person in your community and thank them for their dedication to helping animals. 

Be positive!

Spread your good energy on behalf of the animals. They need you. 

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